How Arculus® Works: Simple, Secure Storage & Transactions

Ready to learn how to set up your Arculus Cold Storage Wallet to make crypto transactions and store, purchase, and share NFTs? You’ll find everything you need here to create your account, make transactions, and connect to your favorite DeFi apps.

Have you purchased your Arculus wallet?

Have you purchased your Arculus wallet?

If you have already purchased your Arculus Cold Storage Wallet, visit the Getting Started page to learn how to properly set it up. Follow the simple steps provided to unlock the future of crypto security.

Unparalleled Convenience & Simplicity

Unparalleled Convenience & Simplicity

Arculus brings you a simple, easy-to-use, and ultra-secure way to keep your digital assets safe. With effortless tap-to-transact authentication and a seamless app experience, you can transact from anywhere securely, anytime. The Arculus Card and App allows you to buy, swap, send, and receive currencies. Watch the video or use the text below to learn more about how to make transactions with Arculus.

How to Make Transactions

In this video

  • 1 How to Buy Crypto (Fiat to Crypto)

  • 2 How to Swap Crypto for Crypto

  • 3 How To Send Crypto Between Wallets

  • 4 How To Receive Crypto With Your Arculus Wallet

  • 5 How to Transfer an Existing Wallet

To discover the coins and blockchains Arculus currently supports, visit our Coin & Blockchain Support page. Be sure to check back regularly as we update and add supported coins and blockchains.

View Supported Coins & Blockchains

Arculus & Web3: NFTs & DeFi Apps

Arculus & Web3: NFTs & DeFi Apps

Arculus features NFT support, integrating WalletConnect to enable security of digital assets across the $44 billion NFT market and broader DeFi community. Watch the videos below to learn more about how to store your NFTs and connect to DeFi apps with Arculus.

How to Store NFTs & Connect to DeFi Apps

In this video

  • 1 How to Connect WalletConnect

  • 2 How to View Your NFTs

  • 3 How to See Details of Your NFT

  • 4 How to Send NFTs

  • 5 How to Receive NFTs

  • 6 How to Share NFTs