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Your smart and simple crypto and NFT cold storage solution has arrived. To unlock the future of crypto security, set up your new Arculus® Cold Storage Wallet by following the simple steps below.

The Arculus symbol

Download the Arculus App

Smart, simple crypto cold storage is all yours with the Arculus App. From the app dashboard, you can buy, swap, send, and receive crypto within your secure vault. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

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How to position your arculus card to allow your NFC phone sensor to read the card easiest. These examples picture a phone that is in an upright position, with the long side point up and down. On iPhone X and 13, place the card horizontally to overlap the top third of the back of the phone. On iPhone 7, 8 and Pixels 1 through 4, place the card in a vertical orientation, with the card covering the top half of the back of the phone. On Pixel 5, 6, and other androids, place the card squarely in the center of the back of the phone in a vertical orientation.

Set Up Your Wallet

First, open the app. Now, place your Arculus Card on a flat surface, with the back facing up. Reference the card placement visuals above, and find your correct phone model to ensure the card is correctly aligned to the back of your phone. Tap “Create a New Wallet” from the configuration menu, and then leave your card and phone aligned until setup shows complete.

An icon representing a PIN for Arculus' 6-digit PIN feature

Create a 6-Digit PIN

To set-up your 3-factor authentication protocols, first create a secure and safe 6-digit PIN. Enter your PIN, confirm the PIN. Once confirmed, close out the PIN process by tapping your Arculus Key card to the back of your phone.

An icon representing writing down the 12-word recovery phrase

Write Down Your 12 or 24-Word
Recovery Phrase

Next, you'll have an option to choose either a 12 or 24-word recovery phrase. Please make sure to write this down, as it is the only way to recover your wallet should your card or phone ever be lost or stolen. For safe keeping, go analog. Do not screenshot or store your recovery phrase on a device. Save it in a safe place separate from your Arculus Cold Storage Wallet. This phrase will only be shown to you once.

Arculus 12-word recovery phrase example

Re-enter Your 12- or 24-word phrase

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to re-enter your phrase into the Arculus App. Tap on the words in the correct order and they will populate into the “My Secret Phrase” box. When the secret phrase is selected correctly, hit “Confirm.” To remove a word from the box, tap on the word and it will go back to the bottom of the screen.

Arculus App showing zero funds added

Welcome to Arculus

You're ready to start using Arculus. Navigate to your dashboard to transfer your existing crypto portfolio to Arculus or buy new digital assets.

Arculus App Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash toggle

Choose Your Currencies

To choose the currencies that you would like to see in your Arculus dashboard, tap the "Wallet" icon. From there, click on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other currencies. Now you're ready to manage your cryptocurrencies with your Arculus Cold Storage Wallet.

An image of the Arculus App showcasing NFTs

Connect Your NFT Gallery

Make sure that your Arculus App is up to date. Check the Apple App Store or your Android marketplace to ensure you have the latest update installed.

Using WalletConnect with your Arculus App:

  1. Choose WalletConnect on the website (e.g. NFT marketplace or DeFi platform) of your choice.

  2. The website will present a QR code.

  3. Open your Arculus app, authenticate, and tap the scanner icon in the upper right.

  4. Scan the QR code on the website.

  5. Confirm the connection.

  6. You’re connected!