What is Arculus®?

Developed by CompoSecure, Arculus is the revolutionary new cold storage wallet solution for securing your crypto and NFTs.

Ancient Romans called on Arculus, the guardian god of safes and strongboxes, to ensure the protection of their cherished possessions.

Today, Arculus is the contemporary incarnation of this vigilant deity, safeguarding your critical digital assets and identity. Read our Whitepaper to learn more.

The CompoSecure logo

Who is CompoSecure?

CompoSecure (NASDAQ: CMPO) is a trusted fintech leader with over 20 years of experience developing innovative, secure, payment solutions worldwide. We manufacture tens of millions of metal cards in New Jersey each year for the largest banks in the world. Seeing the clear need for a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use storage solution for digital assets, we created Arculus to give you the power to safely hold the keys to your crypto.

The Arculus Card and App

What Arculus Offers

Leveraging our expertise in security hardware and financial payments, the Arculus solution allows you to use a familiar card form factor to secure your private crypto keys. Together, the easy-to-use Arculus Card and its companion, the Arculus App, transform users into powerful guardians of their digital assets and identities.

Arculus is also a Web3-enabled cold storage wallet that features NFT storage and viewing through the Arculus App. Your digital assets can be both managed and secured — including anything acquired and sent through WalletConnect.

An image representating the secure element used to encrypt and store keys

How Arculus Works

The Arculus Card uses a best-in-class CC EAL6+ Secure Element to encrypt and store your keys. It’s not connected to anything and if you lose it or it gets stolen, no one else can use it but you. When you choose to make a transaction in your Arculus App, you will tap your Arculus Card to your mobile device. This is an important security step in the three-factor authentication that Arculus uses to keep your crypto keys safe and secure. The card communicates with your app via a tap-to-transact secure NFC connection. No Bluetooth. No Wi-Fi. No USB. No cords. Just security made simple.

visualization of where the keys are stored

Where Are My Keys?

Your private keys are encrypted and securely stored on your Arculus Card and are never stored online or saved on your phone. During initial wallet setup, you will be shown your recovery seed phrase in the app with instructions to write it down to store in a safe place. Your private keys are generated on the Arculus Card and never leave it. Your keys, your crypto.

Where We’re Going

As pioneers in the development of premium payment cards and of cryptocurrency and digital asset storage and security solutions, we’re on a mission to promote crypto adoption by making it safe, simple and secure for all.

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