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Arculus™ provides seamless and strong key-based security by integrating our digital security technology into your platform. Arculus protects you and your customers with passwordless login, multi-factor identity authentication, non-custodial crypto key management, and fraud reduction.

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Turn-Key Cryptocurrency Wallet

Arculus provides a white-labeled, non-custodial key management wallet that comes with the security, privacy, and experience of the Arculus product. Your customers can safely store their currency in the Arculus-powered wallet offered by and branded for your platform.

Crypto Exchange Integration with

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standard bolsters security of online identity authentication systems on mobile devices and web applications. FIDO authentication replaces passwords with more secure mechanisms, like biometric data, that are protected by encryption systems.


Arculus and its software development kit (SDK) integrates directly with both custodial and non-custodial exchange platforms. Custodial platforms can expect maximum protection through FIDO authentication with passwordless login. For non-custodial exchange platforms, Arculus gives you the power of its full key signing capability.

Identity Authentication
Identity Authentication

Identity Authentication

Applications of Arculus technology go beyond crypto. Verify your users' identity at account login. Secure your customers' social and monetary equity on your video gaming platform. Create a customized, personalized casino loyalty program for your guests with an Arculus-powered smart card. Reduce charge-backs and fraud on e-commerce platforms.

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